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Conference Live Captioning App, by BeAware

Enabling Deaf Accessibilty at Conferences, Download today!

Conference Live Captioning is built by the people who brought you the award winning BeAware app. The app ensures that conferences are more accessible to the deaf community. With your support, we can raise awareness together about the importance of deaf accessibility. Together, let's make our community conferences inclusive, empowering, and truly accessible for all participants.



The quickest way to add live-subtitles to any event. In 15 seconds, create your stream and have attendees join your event caption stream


Create a customized streaming page, that attendees can join without downloading any apps using just your QR code


Accurately translate in real-time to over 25 languages, along with individual voice amplification for the Hard of Hearing


Here's a sneak peak of some of the screens on an iPhone. The screens below are likely more developed and more feature-rich than what you see below as the screenshots may be outdated. We hope you enjoy using the app as much as we enjoyed building it!
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